Posted by ::ScOrPiO:: Jan 6, 2010 2 comments

Blogging is not really my thing. Ever since I was introduced to the mighty world of internet, I've been fascinated by web designing, photography, photo&video editing. Seemed as if I was genetically engineered to do so. Mind you! To this date I'm no where near becoming a good webdesigner or effects editor. Like I told...I just admire that field! and would like to keep it aside as my hobby.

I always wanted to try my hand at blogging but never got it right with the "right time". Today..6th Jan 2010 I'm going to break the ice. Hey you bloggers...here I come!!!

A few years back, only professional writers were able to post their articles on internet and recieve feedbacks. Today any dazzed or stunned can post anything...anywhere! One of the biggest achievements during  2004 to 2009 is the emergence of zillions of social networking sites. Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Bebo, Yahoo360, hi5, Friendster, Zorpia, Netlog, Stumbleupon, digg, twitter and Orkut are among them. This way I rediscovered a lot of my lost friends from school and childhood and now I keep in touch with them. At the same time I had started to forget the usage of  our "Internet Messengers" like MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL..etc. Now I'm more in to virtual meetings than real-life gatherings because I don't have to give a shizzle about my appearance or outfit in virtual world. Oooh..isn't that the movie "Matrix" was about? Beleive it or not...by stepping in to 2010 we are a tad closer to erasing the borderline between Virtuality and Reality! Happy Belated New Year everyone!!!

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